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                  1. Southsea-bath Products

                    SERVICE POLICY

                    REPORTING RULES
                    Dear customers, our products during the warranty period, any quality problems, no matter what your needs, just contact us, we will do the rest.

                    You can contact us at any time by:

                    Welcome to call us at any time, our customer service representative will provide you with professional advice and answers.
                    Welcome to contact your docking salesman, they will take the initiative to explain to you the common sense of product use, specify your use and customer complaint process, and will arrange regular return visits.
                    Welcome to our email address sales@bathtub-china.com
                    USER NOTES
                    When people buy sanitary ware, many will be very upset, because in the face of a variety of styles, and uneven quality and price, it is very difficult to choose. How to select suitable sanitary ware, please refer to the following.

                    Choose and purchase sanitary ware can adopt "look, touch, listen and compare" four ways,:

                    Consumers can choose in strong light, from the side carefully observe the reflection of sanitary ware products, the surface has no or few sand holes and pockmarks. The product with high brightness index adopts high quality glaze material and very good glaze application technology, which has good reflection to light and good visual effect.
                    Use hands on the surface gently friction, feel very smooth and delicate for good. You can also touch the back, feel the "sand" of the subtle sense of friction.
                    Can hit the ceramic surface by hand, the general good ceramic material is knocked out of the sound is relatively crisp.
                    Mainly to investigate the water absorption, the lower the water absorption, the better. Ceramic products have a certain adsorption and permeability to water, if water is sucked into ceramics, it will produce a certain expansion, easy to make the glaze surface of ceramic surface crack because of expansion. Especially for toilet, if the water absorption is high, it is easy to inhale the dirt and odour in the water into the ceramic, and for a long time it will produce the odour that can not be remo
                    SERVICE SCOPE


                    +86 15103116527