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                  1. Southsea-bath Products

                    service policy

                    common problem
                    upkeep rules
                    A: 我们的客服很乐意为您服务,您可以致电0318-7061761。
                    The maintenance method of bath crock
                    The maintenance method of bath crock
                    The longer the stain is, the harder it is to remove.
                    1.after the bath in the case of wet bath maintenance, the stain is easy to remove. In order to be comfortable in the bath, please keep the bathtub clean and maintained frequently.
                    2.Clean with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral bath cleaner, rinse and dry within 5 minutes.
                    Precautions for maintenance
                    Precautions for maintenance


                    1.there is a [acid] mark cleaning agent, the surface may change color, appear spots.
                    2.Cleaning agent marked with "alkaline";
                    3. The surface of the cleaning agent containing [hydrochloric acid] may be discolored and spotted, which will also damage the drainage pipe and cause water leakage;
                    4.banana water acetone and other solvents, the surface may change color, appear spots, will also damage the drainage pipe causing water leakage;
                    5. Sponge, metal brush and nylon brush containing non-woven clot


                    After using the cleaning agent, please clean it within 5 minutes. The retention of the cleaning agent will cause discoloration and cracks in the bathtub.


                    +86 15103116527