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                  1. Southsea-bath Products

                    Cast iron Bathtub technology

                    Bathroom Cabinet technology

                    Accessories technology

                    GRAVITY CASTING

                    Gravity casting refers to the process of injecting molten metal into casting under the action of earth gravity, also known as gravity casting. The molten metal is injected into the hollow casting made of high temperature resistant material and condensed to obtain the desired shape, which is called casting. The products obtained are castings. Gravity casting is a popular manufacturing method in the process of casting production. Many manufacturers and consumers choose to use gravity casting.
                    Most commonly used, lowest relative price
                    High qualified rate of castings, higher production efficiency, lower cost
                    High labor efficiency, few operators, low labor cost
                    Easy to operate, compact machine design, safe and reliable

                    VACUUM CASTING

                    Vacuum casting is vacuum sealing modeling. The principle is to use plastic film to seal sand box, vacuum pump to extract the inner air of the mold, to form the pressure difference inside and outside the mold, and to make the dry sand tight to form the required cavity. Compared with traditional sand casting, the biggest advantage of vacuum casting is that it does not use binder, which reduces the sand treatment work, and the labor quantity of molding and casting sand cleaning is greatly reduced,
                    Good quality, smooth surface, clear outline
                    Accurate size, uniform hardness.
                    It effectively prolongs the service life of castings
                    By the user praise, become the new pet of the industry

                    SAND CASTING

                    Sand casting is a kind of casting, which uses sand as raw material. This practice is ancient, it is a kind of traditional ancient casting. Because of its good fluidity, filling and storage, high strength and good collapse, the coated sand is widely used in mass production of various types of cores with complex structure and high quality requirements. Our company mainly uses sand casting technology to produce cast iron flume blank.
                    Most commonly used, lowest relative price
                    High qualified rate of castings, higher production efficiency, lower cost
                    High labor efficiency, few operators, low labor cost
                    Growing fast
                    Bamboo growth period is fast, one year is bamboo shoots, two years is bamboo, three years into forest, three to four years of bamboo is the best use, we generally use 3-5 years of bamboo.
                    High temperature carbonization
                    The raw materials of bamboo products are carbonized at high temperature. One is to remove the sugar juice from bamboo to prevent insects and mildew; the other is to break the fiber of bamboo and play a stereotyped role.
                    Customized according to requirements
                    According to different product requirements, bamboo materials need to be spliced or cut into the corresponding size or shape, then polished and sprayed, the general product surface spray two primer topcoat can meet the use, for bamboo wash basin products, Because of its high probability of contact with water and cleaning agent products, the process is more stringent. Use environmental protection paint with test report to ensure harmless to human body during use.
                    Mortise and Tenon Joint
                    Some bamboo products will add the mortise and tenon joint technology, on the one hand, the product will be more beautiful, on the other hand, the product is more durable, long service life.


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