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                  1. Southsea-bath Products
                    NH-1020Y’’ Circular cast iron enamel freestanding shower base
                    Do you want to relax? Shower yourself now, and you'll find this space-saving circular cast iron freestyling shower stand is a great choice. Its strong cast iron structure, durable material process, reduce noise and vibration.
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                    product details

                    Product Overview:

                    Circular cast iron separate shower base

                    White exterior and white interior

                    ISO, CE, cUPC certification

                    Cast iron construction

                    White, chromium, nickel brush and polished and painted feet on cast iron.

                    Oil - ground bronze feet are plated on solid brass.

                    Available with or without drain holes

                    Brand: Southsea - Bath

                    Dimension: Φ 41 "x 12-1/2" (1041 mm x 317 mm Φ)

                    Internal size: Φ 740 mm

                    Net weight :80 kg.

                    Diameter of drain hole :90±3MM

                    Overall diameter :1041 mm

                    Overall height :317MM(measured from top of display panel edge to ground)


                    The size of the shower tray may vary between +/ -3mm and may vary. For better results, Southsea Bath recommends that cast-iron Bath plates weigh much more than other materials and that appropriate safety equipment be worn when handling and installing these products. Nanhai Bath will not take any responsibility for improper packing disassembly or extensive installation.

                    Product drawings


                    +86 15103116527